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Where you laugh without the need for jokes or humour but with playful laughter exercises.  There are so many health benefits including:

  • Laughter lifts your mood by releasing endorphins from the brain

  • Laughter reduces stress and strengthens the immune system

  • Laughter increases the supply of oxygen in the blood improving efficiency, focus and increasing energy levels

  • Laughter is a great social connector, enhancing caring and sharing relationships. Laughing with people is like social glue.

  • Laughter increases physical and emotional relaxation

  • Laughter Yoga teaches us to laugh unconditionally whether times are good, or not so good, enhancing a positive mental attitude regardless of circumstances.

The really great news is that your body and brain don't differentiate between real laughter and simulated laughter so you can get all the benefits of laughing without waiting for an outside influence.  

Don't leave laughter to chance!   When you laugh your perspective changes, life feels better.

Laughter classes, corporate sessions, icebreakers, hospitality, inset days, team building, laughter workshops.

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