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I attend the brilliant Friday class with Irene. Since I started going reguarly, I can now move and stretch my body further than ever before. Literally, no more aches and pains either! Irene's class is challenging but totally suited to beginners, intermediates or advanced. There are various options for each move, plenty of time allowed and patience awarded, hence why her class attracts such mixed abilities. I am a total convert!
British Airways Resource Manager.
Irene is a fantastic teacher and her class is the highlight of my week! She provides a friendly relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Classes are varied and suitable for all levels as Irene is able to support beginners as well as challenge those who are more advanced. 
Sarah, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher
Irene's classes are inspired and fun and are one of the highlights of my week. She is a great motivator and encourages us all to improve at our own pace whilst making sure that we also enjoy the sessions, thereby ensuring that we all keep returning every week. Thoroughly recommended!
Bethan, Writers Agent
I've just completed my first year of Yoga and in a couple of months time I will be 70.  Having never attempted Yoga before I was very apprehensive of attending a session.  However I'm very glad I did.  Not only do I enjoy each class but I can move parts of my body that were 'inflexible' before!  Irene is an exceptional teacher and adapts her sessions to accommodate all abilities.  My body feels stronger and healthier than it was a year ago. 
Thank you Irene.
Tricia, Retired
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