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About Irene


Irene has been practising yoga for 20 years and been teaching since 2010,  She is a qualified teacher with the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance and is qualified to teach children and teenagers as well as adults.  Her teaching is dynamic and varied and has a strong grounding in Vinyasa Flow. Irene is also a fully qualified Yoga Therapist and Meditation coach. 

Irene says:
In my early twenties it became apparent that I had a 30 degree scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition where there is a curve in the spine that goes sideways (laterally).  Keeping my body flexible and strong through yoga has helped me to be pain free for over 15 years. With yoga I found a way to help myself and I want to share that knowledge. It became a passion to learn more about yoga, its therapeutic applications and anatomy. In 2009 I started my yoga teacher training and I haven't looked back. My formal education is very much science based and I am now studying for a Diploma in Yoga Therapy. I am really looking forward to this training deepening my love and understanding of yoga. I am very interested in how the human body works and how yoga can help us all physically, emotionally and spiritually,  I believe my scoliosis has been a blessing and helps me to be a more compassionate teacher.
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